EMERGENCY DIAL 911 or 972-883-2222


Calling x2222

  • UEMR is dispatched by the UTD Police who may be reached by either dialing x2222 on a campus phone or by dialing 972-883-2222 on any other phone.

  • This will dispatch UEMR and not an ambulance and fire engine unless requested.

Calling 911

  • This call goes to the City of Richardson, who will send an ambulance and fire engine.

  • UEMR is also dispatched as soon as the call information is received at UTD.

What happens after I call?

  • Provide the exact location, as specific as possible. Know the room number if applicable.

  • Provide a concise description of the incident. Indicate the severity of the problem, as well as the age and gender of the patient.

  • Do not hang up until prompted by the dispatcher.

  • When calling 911, be sure to clearly indicate you are on the UT Dallas campus and have a medical emergency.

  • When calling x2222, you will be asked to indicate whether or not you want an ambulance dispatched.