Who We Are

University Emergency Medical Response is a registered First Responder Organization with professionally trained student, faculty, and staff volunteers. Our volunteers are all certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or higher, and donate their time every week to respond to medical emergencies at UT Dallas.

In life-threatening emergencies, seconds save lives. UEMR shortens response time and improves the accessibility of care for members of the UT Dallas community. UEMR provides emergency medical care at the basic life support level, free of charge to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors of UT Dallas.. 

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What We Do

UEMR responds to any 911 call made from the UT Dallas campus, including the on-campus apartments and dorms. UEMR also takes medical calls made to the UT Dallas Police Department. While these calls previously would have needed the response of Richardson Fire Department, they can now be assessed completely by UEMR, freeing up the city’s resources to respond to others in need. If UEMR personnel determine there is a need for intervention by the Richardson Fire Department, they will request an ambulance and communicate directly with the paramedics en route.

UEMR also provides event standby coverage for UT Dallas events. UEMR provides this service free of charge to all UT Dallas organizations and departments, relieving the burden of medical costs in event planning. In addition to this, UEMR provides education to the community, including CPR, First Aid, and Stop the Bleed classes.